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This Omelette will require eggs to be broken...

Ray Jamieson
Author of Political Guts

This website and my initiatives as expressed here may upset a lot of people, cause much heated discussion and I hope, political embarrassment, as well as give hope to many, many more genuine people who want to get on with their lives in a country that supports them to do so.

A standard political defence strategy is to undermine the credibility of the opponent by digging up dirt on them.  There will be those who try this, to discredit me, so that you won’t listen to what is really behind what I am saying.

That’s OK too, because if that’s all they can do, they are destroying their own credibility.  If someone does try this, my question is simple – what about the strategies and concepts I put forward, which were suggested by the wonderful people of Australia, about their country?

This is where our focus needs to be, the messenger is irrelevant, we need to fix this country.  Those who defend it in underhand ways, to maintain the corruption and the obvious failings in what we are doing, are merely part of the problem.

I have years of life experiences, gained from mixing with the real people throughout the country, growing up in the bush, running seminars and workshops in outback towns, and listening in the corporate boardrooms and the living rooms of the average Australian family.

This website is not about me.  It’s about those people who for years have been crying silently, or have been ignored, when they speak up about matters that really worry them.  Regardless of anything that may be said about me, listen to what the people have been asking for over the last twenty or more years, and are still asking.

I don’t write this program because I want it to make me rich.  There isn’t even a cash or money making component on the website, or in anything to do with this.  I just want to get the word out there to the silent majority who are also thinkers and quiet achievers, to let them know that the noisy minority are not the only game in town, and that it’s still possible to make the third rock from the sun a better place to leave to our children, than what it looks like becoming now.

It’s OUR country, and soon enough, it will belong to OUR CHILDREN.  At the moment, we are headed for a messy and painful demise.  By applying massive changes of direction to where we are headed, we can leave our kids a much better world than we now have.

That’s why I need your help, and it’s also why I don’t ask for money for what I’m doing here.  It’s too important for that.

Just for the record, and there are those that will insist on knowing, I am a financial planner, who also runs a business seminar and coaching program called the "Executive Mastermind" program.  My home base is now the Gold Coast, in Queensland.  I have been involved in small business all my life, have a great affinity with the land, being a country kid at heart, growing up on the land in Southern NSW and having my own rural property in Queensland in the 1980s.  From there, I operated an earthmoving and construction business, building houses and sheds and implementing "Keyline" soil and water conservation techniques and building dams on many local farms, including my own.  I also ran over 200 breeding cattle on the property.
After leaving the farm, I was heavily involved in corporate rescue work when the 1987 stock market crash occurred.  My work then was rescuing and bringing small businesses back from the brink of bankruptcy.  That work evolved into business seminars and coaching.  The financial planning is a more recent qualification, made necessary by the direction my business was going, and the increasing amount of regulation and red tape that required me to be licensed to do what I had been doing for almost two decades.  I have a number of books written, on a variety of topics, and get great satisfaction from my writing and coaching work and my financial planning.

Executive Mastermind
Created by Ray Jamieson

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!