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This is YOUR page and YOUR opportunity to speak up, be heard and contribute to the shaping of OUR nation!

There has been an enormous amount of controversial brainstorming go into this project and website.  You have been asked to research everything you read and learn the truth.  Now, we ask you to go one step more.




Visit the message boards, have your say, start discussions and connect with people on these different areas of interest.  Use the message boards and forums to take the message to the world, to stimulate and if necessary, embarrass your politicians into making the changes that can save this country, our planet, our home, from what we, as a nation, as a species, are doing to it and to ourselves.  The planet is not ours and it never was; it will always belong to our children, and then their children.  We are only the custodians.

Ray Jamieson wants and needs your feedback, both to improve this website, and to ensure that your wants and needs are placed directly in the view of the politicians.

To ask a question of Ray Jamieson, or make a comment about the website, please use the form below.  A response will be made shortly, and your request addressed.

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Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!