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This website is not for whingers.  It is for people to act, to do what is required to get results, the results this country needs, to become everything it can be.

This is not just an ‘interesting new website’.  It’s a call to arms, and there is much you can do, to make a difference to our country, and our planet and all who live with us here.

  1. Read, study and research everything on this website, especially references to The Lima Declaration, climate change, geothermal power, new inventions mentioned and any statistics I have called on.
  2. Comment on what you discover in the feedback forum on this website.  (Note: comments are moderated before publishing and a record of every comment submitted is retained on file.  Moderation is limited to ensuring that comments are suitable for public display.
  3. Lobby your local members of parliament, both Federal and State, for action in all these areas.  Refer them to this website.
  4. If you have specialist expertise in any of these areas and wish to contribute it, please contact me directly to advise what level of contribution you can offer.    NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR FUNDS!
  5. Discuss these topics within your family and amongst your friends.  Keep the discussions going and generate action.
  6. Have or develop the courage to voice your opinions too.  Every idea in this website project came as the result of a discussion, sometimes heated, between ordinary people who have just had enough of the way things are and the politicians excuses as to why they have to stay that way, or even get worse.
  7. Invite me to speak in your area.  Besides being a great financial planner, I have been a business consultant and advisor and seminar presenter/public speaker for many years, and I have a real passion for this project.  You’ll see that when I speak.

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!