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This is a huge subject, there are nine separate policy areas.
There is no one area more important than another, just as there is no child in a family more precious than another.
They all need attention, now!

How much do YOU know about co2?

Geothermal Power and Climate Change

Soil and Water Conservation

Wildlife and Conservation

Climate Change

Pollution, Carbon and Global Warming

Carbon Trading - The ETS

The Murray Darling Basin Plan and a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE

Murray River Time Running Out

PETA and Sheep Mulesing

WARNING: Throughout this section, I have made a number of claims and statements that are not supported by "populist beliefs" and much of the information in the media.  There is a very good reason for that - much of that information is either wrong, deliberate mis-information, or based on research that if not flawed, has been badly done and therefore highly suspect in its findings.

If the foundation research upon which calculations are made, reports written and extrapolations done to create policy are flawed, then any conclusion drawn from them, and any report based on that research, is also flawed.

Many of the reports that have followed on from this research, which are now the basis of policy decisions of the current and previous governments, are fundamentally flawed or contradictory, or both!  Hence the confusion in the media and in the variance of opinions of our political leaders.

The basis for these claims is below, in the links provided.  I urge you to read and study them, then re-evaluate everything you know on climate change, global warming/cooling, and greenhouse gases.

The people writing these reports are esteemed as genuine experts in their fields, and their credentials are included. 

If there is a lesson to be drawn from this, it may be that not everything we read or hear from our politicians and the media is to be believed, and that the real experts may be being silenced for a variety of reasons.  Those reasons could include ignorance, confusion, bamboozlement by wordsmiths, or vested interest influences.

For example:  There are many people and businesses that will benefit from such initiatives as an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  Some people and businesses will lose from an ETS.  However, the impartial research suggests that the beneficiaries are likely to be governments, from taxation revenue, big business, from building in ETS allowances and passing on costs, and commodity traders, such as we have seen in the oil futures scams and scandals.  The losers will always be the consumer and small businesses that are each unable to pass on their increased costings to any other suckers.  The rural community seems destined to become bankrupt when the full impact of an ETS is felt on the individual farmer, and that could mean the end of food and fibre production in Australia, forcing the importation of all of our primary produce needs including all agriculturally produced food.

Nowhere in the impartial evidence is it conclusively established that the environment will be a beneficiary.


Is CO2 REALLY the problem?

Don Aitken on Climate Change

John McLean on CSIRO Reports

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Stewart Franks - Climate Change NOT making Rivers Run Dry

The Global Energy Budget

In this section, and in my letters to the politicians, I have recommended immediate action to make currently used non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags, the scourge of seabirds, sea mammals and cetaceans, and legislate to make the use of biodegradable plastic bags where plastic bags have to be used at all.  The link below is the website address of a major international manufacturer of such plastic bags, and the website makes interesting reading.

For example, on the "BENEFITS" page, there is an amazing article, which compares biodegradable plastic with paper bags.  There are other powerful articles as well.  The page of "CUSTOMERS" shows the major international supermarket chains, amongst other clients of the firms, which use their biodegradable plastic bags around the world.  Our Australian companies, Coles and Woolworths are NOT amongst them.  I have to ask "WHY?"  If the bags are good enough for Wal Mart, surely they are good enough for our groceries too!

The solutions are right in front of us, and the existence of this website just goes to prove it.  We have long acknowledged that plastic bags are a major problem, here is the solution!  Let's insist that it is adopted, NOW!


Planet Friendly Plastics manufactures biodegradable plastic bags.  No, this is not an advertisement for them, it's a reminder that the solutions to our problems are as close as an internet click away!  Almost every problem on this website has a solution that most of us already know of.  We don't need more enquiries, more investigations, we just need our elected representatives to do what we elected them to do!

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!