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There appears to be a policy drought in Australia, at least as severe as the rainfall drought in inland Australia.  Well, no more!

Here, available for piracy, free of charge or even acknowledgement, are ten (10) core policy areas for the consideration of federal and state politicians and lawmakers.  Never again do they need say "That can't be done!" because these 10 points prove it can!

They address the most serious issues this country faces and if they want help with them, I'll gladly offer to further develop them.  Most of these concepts are further developed already on their own page throughout the website and can be found in the index on each core policy page.


1 Taxation:
• Immediate start on implementation of the TRANSACTION TAX model, understanding that a tax rate of 1.5% will collect as much tax as the whole of the current rag-tag taxation regime collects now, but eliminate most of the infrastructure needed to collect it, and reduce costs of bureaucracy, tax evasion and leakage of profits to offshore tax havens and multinational corporations. This cost saving (approximately 1/3 of all bureaucracy costs nationally) will fund the initiatives proposed in other changes below. Public servants put out of work will be employed in the private sector. Salaries will be 20% more than equivalent pay scales now and tax will be 1.5% of gross salary, superannuation maintained at 9%. EVERY other tax will be eliminated.

2 Energy:
• Create financial incentives for homes, businesses and industry to become energy efficient
• Encourage alternative power generation R&D, development and production.
• Trial geothermal and nuclear power station development and technology.
• Clean up pollution emissions from current coal fired power stations (see below)

3 The Environment
• CO2 – Immediately reclassify it as a non-polluting component of the natural atmosphere.
• Pollution – Immediately classify non-inert and unnatural liquids, gases and solids created as a result of or by-product of industry as pollutants and create methods to either make them inert, or be stored until able to be made inert.
• Litter and dumping: Provide collection/landfill areas, but punish severely any person or corporation dumping illegally, on a proportionate scale that will financially hurt them and prove a dis-incentive.
• Mandate biodegradable plastic bags for immediate use and ban non-biodegradable plastic bags within 12 months.
• Soil and Water conservation – immediately implement a program to fund both Keyline and NSF and introduce them as fully subsidised/free agricultural college courses to all primary producers and high school graduates.
• Set up a national section within a federal Water Resources Department to initiate planning to start diverting a maximum of 5% of all major coastal rivers inland to the Murray Darling System where practical, and a “damaging floodwater” capture system for flood prone rivers for diversion inland to supplement inland river flows.
• PETA – Declare them a terrorist organisation.

4 Family & Community
• Crime and sentencing: Genuine sentencing – do time for crime. Provide rehab and education opportunities but maintain genuine sentencing principles.
• Hoons and road rules: Start teaching road safety as a class in high school and have all children graduate as qualified defensive drivers.
• 3rd strike hooning offense permanent loss of car and drivers licence
• Sexual predator crimes and punishment – repeat offenders automatically physically castrated under anaesthetic, 5 years jail time to readjust then released to community for labouring type work.
• Drugs, and drug crime and punishment – genuine sentencing for criminals, serious funding and resourcing of police and enforcement. Electronic sniffer detectors of drugs in all jails and public places. Drug addicts detoxed in rehab facilities local in every suburb, equipped with international standard detox facilities and methods to prevent jails consolidating habits and ensure criminals detox while inside.
• Alcohol management and treatments – local community based rehab centres in every major suburb using latest modern international methods of detoxing and drying out. Treat alcoholism like the disease and health problem it is, and no longer hide from it.
• Make supply of alcohol to minors a serious, jailable, criminal offence.
• Apply a genuine crisis management model to the problem of homelessness, and resource it properly.
• Indigenous housing: initiate and fund a program to teach building skills through apprenticeships and enable communities to build their own houses, fully funded, to the designs that their cultures require, and then teach maintenance skills for them to assume responsibility for them.

5 Health:
• Aspartame, MSG and cigarettes complete bans within 12 months, as these are the major causes of chronic disease in our community. This will give time to break addictions and make changes industrially for food processors.
• Administer and fund health nationally, staff with state and regional based teams.
• Make training into medical practices and professions a free university course only to all Australian citizen high school graduates who qualify.

6 Education
• Fully national curriculum, for both trainee teachers and students
• The new curriculum to include a return to basics, as well as fundamental business planning skills, entrepreneurship, wealth creation, investing, marketing and career development.

7 Foreign aid and Immigration
• International agency to coordinate aid and funding for natural disasters, bypassing corrupt or intransigent governments, ensuring aid gets to disaster areas without loss and theft.
• Immigration – cultural alignment test to ensure that migrant views are aligned to the culture of living, working and harmonising in a free and democratic country and community such as Australia.

8 Defence, borders and coastal protection
• Get serious about border protection and fund marine and air craft to patrol our coastline, apprehend everyone entering our national borders illegally. Use electronic sniffer technology to locate contraband of any sort, return illegal entrants to ports of departure, sink their vessels at sea after removing all pollutants from them for disease and pest control, and to serve as a warning and deterrent.
• Fund AQIS and Customs to enable them to prevent smuggling through air and sea ports into Australia.
• Fund CSIRO and other research houses to find control methods for pests that pose a threat to Australian primary production.
• As our major defence need is for terrorism defence, rather than invasion, develop more specific strategies along those lines, rather than major capital purchases.

9 Business & entrepreneurship
• Create innovation, R & D and entrepreneurship centres around Australian regions to promote inventions and innovation, and to bring these concepts to market once proven.
• Teach entrepreneurship to budding inventors and innovators. Reverse the brain drain.
• Incentives for small business including removal of red tape, employment barriers, create an international standard communication network, and fund it with the Transaction Tax.
• Rural industries – remove barriers to landholders being genuine custodians of the land, such as native vegetation and land clearing laws that blanket all rural land with one law, despite there being a multitude of land types, soils and vegetation covers.
• Put life into regional areas through decentralisation and employment opportunities.
• Use only reciprocal tariffs against countries that refuse to eliminate them – a truly even playing field.

10 Infrastructure
• Create an internal network of transport hubs, connecting a series of four international air terminals, with major highways, railways and transport terminals to ease the load on capacity capital city terminals and ports. Decentralise to regional areas for growth, expansion and employment opportunities.

These policy initiatives and more are all available for detailed study on their own pages on the POLITICAL GUTS website.

These are a precis of the policies I have proposed on this website and I would be delighted if they were pirated, even without acknowledgement, by the various political parties. I'll even help them! It's just critical that they get out there to replace the tangle of laws and policies that are bogging Australia down while failing to serve the community. Each of these policy areas has its own page on the website, and each is in much more detail for in-depth examination. I am happy to answer any questions on them, anywhere, anytime. I'm happy to improve them, if someone can show me a better way. Meanwhile, I'll keep working til these are policy throughout Australia.

This is me, taking a stand! After all, this is my country, I was born here, and the current 'leadership' is hardly doing either the country or any of us a great service!

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!