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Welcome To Political Guts, the website that tells the truth!

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Welcome To Political Guts, the website that tells the truth!
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Political Guts:  A website for people who are fed up with the way things are, and who demand more from life, their political leaders, and all the other powers that be!


This website and policy initiative is all about promoting genuine solutions to the problems that our country, our nation and our world are facing.  These are solutions drawn from conversations with average people who can see commonsense solutions to the serious problems that affect them in everyday life.  What they can’t understand is why the powers that be, the politicians they elected, do not implement the solutions that seem so obvious!

People are asking if they are the only ones who can see these solutions.  I have to tell them that no, many people are saying the same thing, that these solutions are obvious to everyone, but the authorities, for whatever reason, do not want to change the status quo.

This could be because:

  1. They are not politically game to take a strong stand, for fear of isolating a sector of the community and being voted out at the next election
  2. They are forced to follow a party line which emasculates them out of their personal opinions
  3. They are pressured by major industries into taking their sides
  4. They are fooled, awed or frightened into following the lead of the major corporations
  5. They are being rewarded for not upsetting the major industry players.
  6. They just don’t understand or realise what they need to do.
  7. They have other personal agendas.
  8. They don’t realise the weight of public opinion behind these solutions.
  9. They don’t have the political intestinal fortitude to speak out when it counts.

Why am I doing this?

Someone has to.  It’s time, and our country, our economy, our nation and our people demand that action be taken to save our nation and our planet from what our inaction is doing to it, through the many and varied abuses that we, as a species, and as a nation, are inflicting upon our country, our people and our planet.

I don’t seek political gain; I have no desire to enter politics; I have no planned monetary gain from the exercise.  I want to be the voice that starts a noise in the wilderness, which grows, with the help of the citizens of my country to a roar loud enough to be heard, understood and most importantly, acted upon by those with the power to make changes.

That is it!

The website has been arranged into some core policy areas, within which are different specialised areas where contentious issues exist.  It is not a total, national policy framework, but it would be a great start for one.

There are aspects of our governance that are working well enough, but what is on here, are the areas that are not working well at all.  They are critically in need of overhaul and attention.  These are powerful solutions, alternative thinking solutions but most importantly, practical and immediately available solutions to this growing raft of issues, which bog our nation down.

Read through the policy areas.  See them not as a single idea, but as part of a new society with all of these concepts as policy and part of our new way of life.  Something to aim for.

Ray Jamieson, the author of this site, is the director of Executive Mastermind, a company dedicated to the genuine learning and development of people through a powerful coaching and workshop program.  It has been running since 2000.  It has launched the careers and businesses of many graduates and is proud achievement of Ray Jamieson.  To visit the Executive Mastermind website and learn more about Ray Jamieson and why he is the type of person to create a website such as Political Guts, click here.

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!